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Como gravar tela do seu android ( carlos android )

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Rebuilding Hydraulic Cylinders Small Tractor Front End Loader
facebook: Brueggen's Bees
Instagram: Brueggen Farms

My first time rebuilding cylinders. It's easy really!

My Standard Workware:
Carhartt Pants:
Carhartt Shorts:
White Tee ("Stay Tucked"):
Muck Boots:
Leather Boots:
Sheffield Pocket Knife:

I was reluctant, not knowing what I'd run into. Well, I guess technically it's not my first time. Ryan helped me swap a ram on Wilbur's bed cylinder. But it's the first time I've done one entirely on my own. It's just nuts and bolts, like most anything else. No special tools required. I broke it down to the gland nut and the ram end assembly, and then brought those pieces into the dealer so they could match up all the seal. We effectively rebuilt the cylinders right there on the counter. No need to bring the whole cylinder or ram in, unless the cylinder is so bad that it needs honed or something, but that's a whole different story.

This was easy, and I'm so happy I did it! Long story short, the bucket still flops a bit when under undue stress, but it's not running oil out on the ground and leaking of anymore, so it was worth it!




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